Hello Ladies!

How would I sum it all up? It was a great and rolling week. Exciting and fast. Too many things going on. Too many things happening. Is this all in Beirut? Well yes it is. Here are a highlight of the events we went to, our activities, and what we engaged in socially.. we hope you like our selection.

Alexander Wang x H&M Preview 
The Alexander Wang preview was really short but sweet. Everything was really well organized accompanied with the necessary breakfast details to fuel us up with energy to watch the collections intricately. I like the collection and was pleasantly surprised with several pieces however I did not like the fact how several things had a lot of WANG written all over. I regret not going to the launch because I really wanted to get my hands on a pair of leggings.

Lush Opens its THIRD Store at ABC Ashrafieh

Lush, a very very favorite of mine when it comes to hand made beauty products recently opened its third store in ABC Ashrafieh. To tell you the opening was incredibly fun accompanied with a music that nothing could top. I love the freshness of lush products and their display where nothing goes by without giving it a try. My all time favorite remains their karma cream and their bath bombs that serve the skin so well after a long day, however; I am always open to try any new suggestion that their fun and welcoming staff suggest my way. They usually get specials on Christmas, so am looking forward to see what they might have this season. If you are ever running out of ideas for Christmas, they have pre packaged boxes filled with goodies or simple a “you can make your own combo pack”. Make sure you pass by to get ideas and try out  a few things because you will definitely fall for something.

Lunch at The Food Dealer, Mar Mikhael

The Food Dealer, a Deli, as it is explained is the new hotspot of Mar Mikhael, or in my opinion at least. I had lunch there this past Saturday and my experience was so good that I forgot to take picture (actually it is because I had no time, I was really busy eating). I love the space. It is very urban and it does not have any excesses. Of course they do not take any bookings or reservations so you need to be there early to secure a spot for lunch or if you are unlucky just hang around the high tables outside and you will surely have a place in no time. I really loved the presentation and wrapping of their sandwiches. Something new and different for a change and all that to go hand in hand with good taste. The roast beef sandwich is divine, so is their pasta salad. The platters are divinely served, it really wants to make you eat more. And I loved the fact that I could find good quality Stilton cheese – if you don’t know what am talking about don’t bother googling it or anything, just go and have a bite.

Beirut Marathon

Needless to describe and explain what all this is about. The event is self explanatory. What is worth mentioning is the amazing crowd and audience that grows more every year. People are becoming more aware and conscious of the importance of this event and you feel a positive vibe and energy reign over the country. Here are a few pictures from the marathon.

Vero Moda flash sales
It’s not everyday that you receive a message from Vero Moda announcing a 50% flash sales on everything…Yes, absolutely EVERYTHING! I shopped till I dropped (literally) and I guess my Fall wardrobe is ready with coats, faux fur vests, sweaters, skirts etc. Now all I need is a drop in temperatures!!